Sensitive Dental Care

Power Brush & Floss System

Clean your teeth just like the dentist does!

The SDC Power Brush & Floss System offers a complete solution for your dental needs:

Spring mounted unique retractable bristles

Brush head has a hybrid bristle pattern

Comes with attacheable vibrating flosser

Efficient Cleanstream rinsing system

Power Efficient, battery lasts a very long time

Superior vibration motion cleans thoroughly



Even if you have perfectly aligned teeth, proper cleaning can be a challenge. Add in the complexity of misaligned teeth or braces and you know how tough it can be to clean your teeth properly after every meal. Brushing with manual toothbrushes can be painfully slow, and often the nooks and crannies of your teeth are not completely clean, even after vigorous scrubbing.

Powered toothbrushes offer relief for the hard work of keeping teeth clean manually, but not all electric brushes are created alike. For well-aligned teeth, a rotating brush head can be a real asset as it brushes over all surfaces and also stimulates the gums while it cleans the teeth. But when teeth are misaligned, or they are different types of metal brackets attached to teeth, such as braces, removable bridges, etc, rotating brushes have a hard time penetrating into the tiny spaces in and around teeth and brackets. The result: food rests remain stuck in these nooks and crannies and can lead to tooth decay. Vibrating brush technology helps to break up surface plaque and brush away any residue, especially in the hard to reach areas of the mouth.

100% more plaque removal

10x more strokes per minute

Ideal for cleaning teeth with braces

Clinically proven to be more effective

The SDC Power Brush

The Sensitive Dental Care Power Brush and Floss system were designed to get into tight spaces efficiently and thoroughly clean all surfaces. This unique brush has bristles that are mounted on springs. When they encounter resistance, they retract, and in doing so get in and around uneven surfaces or braces for a complete and thorough cleaning, effortlessly! The gentle vibrations wiggle bristles into the tiniest of spaces, ensuring complete removal of food rests.

And the compact, battery-operated SDC Power Brush and Floss go where you go and is always ready to use. A hygienic cover keeps the brush clean, even when it is traveling in your pocket, and the perforated Cleanstream brush head can be thoroughly cleaned after each use just by holding under running water. The spring-loaded bristles are a unique feature of the SDC Power Brush and Floss

Your SDC Power Brush and Floss Kit contains:


One vibrating electric brush handle


Two brush heads with special retractable bristles


One floss head


10 floss clips


One bathroom stand


One travel pouch


Two batteries

Retail Price : $ 29.70 $69.90

What do our customers say?

Highly effective and inexpensive! A good alternative to the pricey big brands and the battery lasts a long time

No frills, just performance! works really well and cuts down on brushing time

Really like the perforated head; water flows right through the brush and keeps the head super clean

After only a week of use, my teeth feel cleaner already. The vibrating flosser is a stroke of genius! Vibrates right in between the teeth and takes cleaning to another level.


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